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Fall for Spike

...haven't we all?

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This is the Fall for Spike community, run by purplefeen and velvetwhip, collectively known as velvetfeen.

We would like all members to contribute either fic or graphics to one day during the autumn of 2006. And because it's our site, we make the rules. But don't worry, they're very easy to abide by.

1) You may contribute fic, art, icons, wallpapers, manips, anything at all that has to do with Spike. Spike-William-William the Bloody MUST be the focus of the piece, or included in the main pairing.

2) Because of rule #1, we ask that no one under 18 join the community.

3) If a member wishes to contribute, just reply to this post with your username, the date you would like to submit your stuff and what your stuff is likely to be.

4) More than one person may sign up for any given day, if the other person is going to contribute something in a different category. i.e.: If you want to submit art and fic is already taken for that day, that's just peachy. Ditto for icons if manips are already being submitted, etc.

5) ALL FIC MUST BE COMPLETE AND POSTED BY DEC. 20. There are no exceptions here. If you post a fic in parts here and don't finish it here by the cut off date, we'll not only ban you from next year, we'll call you mean names behind your back. (Or, *I* will anyway, velvetwhip is much nicer than me.)

6) Also, because it's our community, we have decided to disallow any and all Spike/Buffy pairings from being posted.

7) You may sign up to participate for as long as we have dates and slots open. If you aren't sure and would like to sign up as an alternate, that's good too. You will have to produce something in two to three days time, but if you're good with drabbles or Photoshop, this may not be a problem for you.

8) We ask that your submissions be fairly recent, in fact brand-spankin' new (never been posted anywhere)would be excellent. If its been posted somewhere other than LJ within the last couple of weeks, that's fine.

9) If you would like to crosspost to your own journal on the same day, that's fine also, we aren't maniacs or monsters here. ;)

10) Only participants will have posting access, we're trusting but not *that* trusting. And if you're contributing, you must join the community, you can't just friend it. That's how we clear you for posting access.

11) Any questions you have, please post as a comment to this post, and we'll answer it asap.


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