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Fall for Spike
...haven't we all?
So .......*waves* 
17th-Dec-2006 09:46 pm
Title :Gotta Have the New Girl
Warning: Uh let's see...implied child abuse, twincest, threesomes, het, slash, teen human!AU, slight angst....take your pick.
Disclaimer: What? You mean the certificate I got out of that vending machine saying that these people are mine *isn't* real? I want my nickel back!
A/N: this time around I forgot that today was today *sigh* SO on on that uplifting note the other two parts of this may have to be post at like midnight/ 1 am. Because running around like a chicken without a head isn't fun. Oh and thanks to izzyheartoreos and nyghtpet for this being what it is *nods*

The Giles' boys headed into their room, groaning simultaneously.  It seemed like an almost ritual occurrence for the sexual frustration they've been going through for the past two months.

Faith seemed to take fun in taunting them unrepentantly. She stretched teasingly, made innuendos as well outright comments and touches during school. On the weekends at The Bronze, Faith deemed them as her dancing partners, leaving them both panting. It. Just. Wasn't. Fair.

Not that she was being a tease, well being just a tease. A few times she attempted to take it further, but something always got in the way. It was like someone wanted them to die of blue balls!

Spike smirked. Luckily he found a way to get his end off anyway. They both did. He risked a glance at his brother, knowing already that he was having similar thoughts. That Will was already picturing what they could do. In fact in any second...

"We can't do this Spike." Right on cue.

"Yet we will" Spike pointed out. He walked to Will, taking off his duster and shirt. Will's eyes trailed over newly exposed skin as Spike sat next to him.

"We're brothers." Will whispered.

"True."  Spike agreed as he slowly gripped Will's sweater. For all the token protests, Will was extremely eager in helping Spike take off his sweater.

"You could just sleep with someone else..." It was the last protest and was also the weakest. Despite his reputation, Spike didn't sleep around. Messed around- yeah. And Will knows hoe Spike will flirt with anything with a pulse, but Spike didn't really just jump into bed unless he really cared for that person. Except of course for that one exception.

But Will didn't want to think about that right now.

"Probably could," Spike said at last, "But I only want two people right now and one of them is right in front of me. So just sit back."

Instead Will became more active, as if now that he appeased his conscience, he could finally come alive. Both boys reached for each other's belts and flies, until Spike muttered impatiently at having to slow down, hindered by Will's boxers.

"Told you to stop wearing those bloody things." he almost pouted. Will laughed at the tone. It was such a free look on the older twin's face that Spike almost stopped to marvel at the beauty of it.

Once the offending garment was off, Spike slid up the length of William's body. "Didn't she look good tonight?"

Will pictured the way that Faith looked tonight. The deep red leather halter top that showed off her curves to perfection. Her tight leather pants that he had grown to love.  Just on her, of course.

"Yes." William answered. "She did."

William couldn't tell exactly what his brother did with his hand, only that he wanted him to do it again.

That was of course until he felt Spike start making his way down his chest, stopping right above his navel.

"What she'd say to you tonight?" Spike asked. He had sat at their table, leaving Faith and Will by themselves to see how comfortable he would be with just her, when the raven haired girl leaned over and whispered something into Will's ear. Whatever she said made Will blush furiously, so bright that Spike could see it clearly in the dimly lit bar. "What made you kiss her?"

Will moaned as he recalled her words.

"You really want to be with me?" Faith had asked. At Will's shy but firm nod grinned.

"I could ride you at a gallop until your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up.  I could should show muscles I've got that you've never even dreamed of."  She turned her back to him, dancing in to the boy, leaning her head back so that it was right next to his ear. "I could squeeze you until you popped like warm champagne, and you'd beg me to hurt you just a little bit more." she whispered looking into his eyes.

"But I wouldn't do by myself. I'd get help. And your brother would do that nicely. Would you want that? To see a reflection of you help turn you into one large nerve ending, whimpering with pleasure at every touch? And moaning just a little more because your brother helped get you there?"

 William couldn't take anymore. He pulled her into the minimal space already between them and crushed his lips to hers.

"Yeah pet, what made you blush so wonderfully like that?" Spike said bringing him back to the present. Will said nothing just pulled his brother to him grinding their hips furiously.

"Fuck Will" Spike panted, question forgotten for the moment.  He was so close. If only-

Will reached between them rubbing their cocks together as if it were one. His soft calloused hand was the friction that Spike needed and soon he came with a moan ecstatic to feel Will cum with him.


Faith snuck in her window hoping that it wouldn't wake her father.  It didn't matter if it woke her mom, she reasoned. Her mom would always be unhappy with her, always find a fault with her. Faith was resigned to her fate.

"You actually manage to make it in before sunrise? I'm shocked." a falsely sweet voice rang out. The light came on and Faith saw her mother sitting on her bed.

"I don't have time for this." Faith said.

"Yet you have time to whore yourself around the town." Darla accused. Her voice had reached a level of malice that would scare anyone else dead in their tracks.

Ironically, it made Faith feel safe. She was fine for tonight.

"You're father is going out of town next week." Darla continued.  "I hope you can manage to keep your buttons closed for a week? I would hate to think of what would happen of he found out what his daughter really was."

Faith nodded mutely. "I'll make reservations for someplace to stay tomorrow. How long will he be gone?"

"10 days. Oh, and Faith?" Darla threw her daughter a credit card. "Make sure you stay someplace decent. We can't let the wrong people see you."

Faith waited until her mother was out of the room before she headed to her shower. No matter what her mother thought she did, she could never feel as dirty as she did after their conversations.
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