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Fall for Spike
...haven't we all?
Vamps Fic Rec list. (with something for just about everyone and will be updated on my lj) 
14th-Dec-2006 10:26 pm
spn - sam/dean heads together heart
Hi guys, well i did a list of pimpage awhile back on my own lj, but i thought that perhaps people hadnt seen it here so i combined my updated list with the other list and now it's getting nice and juicy like a xmas turkey!!! Or goose or whatever!!! *laughs* yes...so anyways, there's lots to read, lots to wear batteries out on, and lots to make you smile. So enjoy!!! :)

thats it for me. I'm baked so i'm going to bed. Hope you all have a fantastic holiday season. :)

And without further ado:

the Vamps list o' pimpage (new and improved)

Spangel RPS

Yeah yeah i know...alot of people don't like rps but I DO. I'm not gonna apologize so just deal people :) (and you know you're gonna read anyways *grins*)

Schools Out by smittenkitten27 - good god, this story melted my panties!!!! MELTED i tell you, and it's not done!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEE *does a dance of happiness* It's highschool DB and JM. They live in Boredom (yep that's the name) and you do NOT like your best guy friend "that way". but what happens when you do? (if you like the boys watching each other wank off the first chapter will have you panting!) (work in progress)

V is for Viagra by spankspike - hot hot hot and oh did i say HOT? I love this story, I love Spanky, I'm just in love!!! *grins cheekily* DB and JM falling in love and tripping along the way. We've got Lindsey and a totally funny chi chi larue lookalike in the form of carmen and enough twists and turns to make a rollercoaster envious. (done)

Lap Dance by spankspike - Guh...that's the word. GUH!!!! James is infatuated. In lust, wants David big time so what does he do? Convinces Dave that ALL guys jerk each other off. And of course one thing leads to another and YUMMMMMMmmm. We've got Tunnel of Love smut, Dressing Room smut, Hanging in the damn gear that makes them seem like their flying smut, and OH yeah...lots of tenderness sneaks in there too. I love this story, it's truly one of my all time faves. (so far until she writes another one that makes me say it ;) ) (work in progress)

Games by spikesfool - my brain....yeah....it kinda stopped working after this one. *taps head to get stan the hampster moving again* It's....well, james is the beautiful, romantic version of the perfect submissive in this one, trembling and hot and David, is NOT. Smut. All i gotta say is SMUT and good god do I LOVE this womans wicked wicked mind!!!(done)

Need by felisblanco - this one is taut. Yeah......sitting on the edge of my seat because she writes the "need" so well in both the men that you're just hoping for something that you can't pinpoint. It's sexy, violent,(in a consentual way)and harsh, but it's very very good. read it see what you think. (done)

Seget by incasink - it's bloody, it's taut, it's raw, it's just wonderful. Spike is a general in the Union Army, Angel is his prisoner turned slave. Both are willful, smart, independent men, but what lies beneath the exterior? And how long is it before Liam starts to expose Will's secrets that he strives so hard to hide? I love this fic, it's truly one of my all time faves and it's just bloody well written. Go read, get lost in it! (done)

Up a Penguins Arse by ducks - I had to pimp this one cause it was just too damn funny and cute and just smooshy. This bit of fluff is so sweet in that oddly loving way that Spike and Angel had in season five of AtS that it just made me grin. That and Spike's snark? Truly hilarious!!!

Silk Socks by spankspike - Yes I love her it's true!!! But have you read the Silk Socks series? The one where Spike does bad things to Angels silk socks and then the games are on? No? GO READ NOW!!! God this series made my tummy ache it was so damn funny. Angel in a dress, Spike ironing naked, vampire cum on leather...good god this story has it all!!! (done)

Eyefucks Leading to Bow-legged and Cross-eyed States by eyezrthewindows - Um...how do you say hot in as many languages as you can? Cause this one? HOTTTTTTTTT!!! Sex in the back room down and dirty on the concrete floor. GUH. That's all I'm sayin. :D (done)

Man Hunter by jans_intentions - First it is NOT cause i've done alot of art for this fic that I love it. That said, it's cause Spike is naughty, vulnerable, a bit sad, lonelier than he'd like to let on and damn hot. Liam is broody, romantic, demanding,lonelier than he'd like to let on, infuriating and damn hot. This one gets creepy. (which i LOVE) It gets nasty. It gets right to the bare bones of a serial killer being chased by a man with a gift. But the question really in this story? Who's hunter? And who's really hunted? (work in progress)

Desire by lilithangel - wanna read some uber hot, naughty naughty cock bondage? Where Spike is the Dom and Angel is the sub? Ooo then READ this!!! Angel buys himself a chastity device to keep his mind on his mission. Spike finds the key. Whatever is a poor poor little master vamp to do when his arch rival torments him to begging for it. (and yes..IT means a long hard one up his ass!!!) This fic? Yeah..have a care, and maybe read it naked, or better yet IN the shower!!! Cause lord knows you're gonna need one by the end.(done)

The Birthday Special by spankspike - William is a shy virgin teacher that bumps into worldly prostitute Angel. It's hot, it's angsty (a bit), it's emotional and it's tender. No one can write William like Spanky can and this fic? Just proves that point even more. (done)

The Drive In by thatotherperv - God, I love these boys kissing. I love the idea of them kissing in a drive-in, all teenage ackwardness, fumbling towards feeling good and wondering what the hell even more. Mel does this one superbly. HOT, damp, rushed, unhurried, urgent, slow and oohhhh so good. You'll get a thrill out of this one. (done)

Spin the Bottle by thatotherperv - this one goes along with her lovely Drive In fic. (see above) and it's just as HOT as the other one. Not only do we get Spike and Angel kissing but we get the others (cordy,buffy,oz,xand,willow) watching avidly and enjoying it almost MORE than the boys do. Hee...i'm trying to convince her to write a pwp nothing but fucking fic with the boys, so keep your fingers crossed. *grins* and YES MEL I AM IN FACT EVIL!!! (done)

Lullaby by spikesfool - This is eery. Creepy. Sweet. HOT. Temptuous. A hell of a roller coaster ride, and just a total mind melting fic all together. We've got demons, we've got humans, we've got love, we've got horror, we've got porn, and we've just got a fic that makes you bang on the monitor when you're done with recent chapter and you're looking in vain for the next. I love this fic. I love this woman. Hell...go read it and tell ME what's NOT to love? (work in progress)


Changing His Religion by eyezrthewindows - she writes mostly spander but i have to say I LOVE all her fics. This one is hotness but it's so tender and funny and just well...a gem. Hetero (soon to change)Xander runs into Will aka gay radio host literally and is venturing into the murky waters of bisexuality. He calls a local radio show not knowing that spike is Will...so what happens then? Go read it!!! *duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh* (done)

Swingers Club by eyezrthewindows - it's not her fave fic but it sure as hell is one of mine!!! Anya and Xander go to the local swingers club where Anya ties him up and leaves him blindfolded for a certain lucky vamp, guess who that is? but the question is..who really gets lucky? (done)

All I Need by tistoo - Xander is in Africa, he's carrying his hyena a bit close to the surface but that's ok cause it makes for HOT gruff Xand. He sees a man he swears is Spike, but Spike is dead...or is he? Tis is truly one of my closest and dearest friends and she writes like no other. Long fic with tons of background information and insight into the characters that just drives me wild. Her build up to sex is phenomenal and this, is one of my all time faves!!! (done)

Speed Demon by denied_heaven - My first really well read spander ever. This woman (the lovely denied) made me actually WANT to read Spander. In this one, Spike is a cocky race car driver with a chip on his shoulder bigger than New York state, and Xander is his older extremely hot, crew chief. The ust in the first couple of chapters is hot enough to burn up any race track and when they have sex on the car? (by request from me :D) GUHHHHHHH....meltdown!!!! I love this fic. I think you will too. (done)

Evil Bastard by toobusy2write - It's a shorty but it's so cute, and sweet and what I would call typical Spike being naughty and making Xander forget that his brain is in FACT made of jello, i had to rec this. It'll leave a smile on your face. (done)

Any Job Worth Doing by eyezrthewindows - Ok it's official, i'm an Eyez whore. I swear to god this woman kills me. DEAD!! All her fics are wicked, unruly, rough and tumble, slick, heated fuckfests that just leave me with my jaw on the ground and my hand in....um...OH the palmolive soaking my fingers. *grins* REALLY!!!! *giggles* anyhow this one is no exception. It's Xander, and well someone (you'll find out is spike) but GODDAMN...Ok i'm not gonna say more cause just....GO READ IT ALREADY!!! (done)


Backfire by daedream_fanbot - she's new, she awesome, and this fic is JUST fucking incredible!!! (yeah yeah language i know) It's wicked dark so be warned!!! Xander does some very very bad things with Spike (besides sex) in this fic so again WARNED!!! The gist of it? Spike bites Xander and drinks enough blood to make him funkified (it's all explained in the fic) then Spike forces Angel to do the same. Xander craves Spike and Angel and they crave him and the only way to get rid of the craving? SEX of course!!! HOT Mindblowing sex!!! Oh and there's a plot too, wow....can we get a thumbs up for this one? *grins* (done)


Strength in Numbers by thatotherperv - Dawn is devastated by Buffy's death. (she doesn't come back in this one) and Spike is the only one who can take care of her and takes her to Los Angeles and away from the memories of her sister. As Dawn becomes aware of the world once again, she decides to act on the love she's always had for Spike and makes him hers. BUT there's a twist...Spike has to go fight once again in Sunnydale and leaves her with the one person he knows will take care of her. Angel. But what happens when Spike and Angel renew their bonds? And what happens when Dawn and Angel get closer when Spike leaves? Only Btvslover can tell us...and trust me this one will leave you squirming!!! (work in progress)


Innocence by denied_heaven - Incest. OH YES!!!! This story is NOT for anyone who doesn't get hot and bothered by the thought of two stunning men that are brothers having sex. However that being said, it is one of my FAVORITE kinks!!! (no comments necessary I fully take responsibility for the fact that YES I am in fact a DEVIANT!!! ;)) If you're interested in reading a story so well crafted about love and the pain that forbidden love can cause? Then definitely read this story. It will make you want to read it over and over it's just that phenomenal.(done)

Church by nyghtpet - this ficlet is dark, it's moody and it's hot. It's only PG but the sheer brilliance of color and texture Nyghtpet brings to her stories makes it a heady experience of the senses. This was her first Spilliam and truly, I love this one the best of all. (done)

Dangerously Shy by raemcn - Like your William forceful? Predatory? A bit of a pain giver? Oooooooo then this one is sooooo for you it hurts!!! The first time I read this it just about blew my skull right off my head it's so damn hot. Naughty boy on boy, brother on brother, wet, slippery, in the shower, voyeuristic HOTNESS!!! And...there's 2 more parts after this!!! I love Rae...she's just about the best rum tug tugger, keep on going in the face of all crappiness, and her stories? AWESOME!!!

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge 1 and 2 by nyghtpet - this ficlet is dark, it's moody and it's hot. It's vampilicious even. Spike and William are living the high life of the evil vampire duo when they stumble across their vamp sibling Penn, and past wrongs are never forgotten. This fic was the inspiration for my manip called William's Penance once you read the story you'll see why. The pure need for revenge is so artfully depicted by miss nyghtpet, I just was compelled to create some are of my own. (done)

Craving Punishment by raemcn - The follow up to her delicious fic Dangerously Shy Spike and William have had sex, sure...they've had it lots of times by now and it's perfect and mindblowing and...Spike doing the driving. BUT Spike wants the brother he met in the shower, HE wants...NEEDS forceful William to come out and play and satisfy his dark craving for being the submissive twin, so what is a poor hard up little Spike to do? Well get his brother seeing the green monster of jealousy for one thing, and then take his punishment with a grin on his face. AND boy does he!!! This is the perfect follow up to Dangerously, Rae takes you yet again to the unchartered waters of predatory William and leaves you not only drooling but gasping for more. I swear, if Spikes ass could get any pinker, I'd be right there with paddle in hand cheering them on!!! (oh wait, I ALREADY do!!) I'm hoping that my lovely Rae will keep on with this series though it's not her main OTP, but she's such an awesome writer, any spilliam tidbits thrown our way? I'd kiss her toes. *grins, you know i would too you wonderful woman*

Spike/William/Dawn (AU twincest/incest)

Get Stuffed by purplefeen I'm a bad bad vamps. I like naughty naughty twincest/incest fics. (and NO i do NOT fantasize about my half brother cause ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)but if my family looked anything like these three...OH YEAH it'd be on!!! Yeah ok, so we have spike/william doing the dirty and lo' and behold little sis Dawn wants a ride on the magical mystery cocks that belong to her brothers. (yeah yeah lame i know) Whatever is a little hornmeister to do? Well duh.......rub up against them and have sex with them of course!!! This fic is delish. And if you're in the mood for something that will have you running to the cold shower....get your ass on over and read! (work in progress)

William/James (sorta rps?)

Best Job Ever by eyezrthewindows
are you sick of me reccing her yet? *grins evilly* yeah sure you are, nothing but hot porn, i'm sure it's a heartbreak. Well guess what? i've got another one and this one? WOO HOO HOT!! If trees could talk...*giggles* Uh..yeah....William gets a job at a famous tv actors home and watches him, funny thing is, he likes that he's watching him and does William get one hell of a raise or what? Oh yeah....lets here it for the boys!!


Little Brother by purplefeen

I read alot of different pairings, did ya notice? *grins* yeah but i'm a spike whore and you all KNEW that for a fact!!! So you get NO apologies for me reccing this next HOT ass fic. (not that you would anyways but hey)Little Brother is NOT incest. (mores the pity and yes i am that EVIL and naughty ;)) but it is HOT. Willow and Spike are newly related by marriage and they hate it. Or do they? Ok so we're guessing NOT so much after they fuck the first paragraph out!!! *grins* told ya it was hot! But not only is it hot, it's poignant, and heart tugging and just satisfying and I'm HOPING (pokes feen) that it will be continued. (course who am i to poke?) But she's got four delicious chapters that really do NOT leave you hanging so go, read, and be in enthralled. (work in progress...kinda)

Angel/Spike/Willow (au..mostly)

Like a Small Earthquake by purplefeen Willow is a Doctor at the local Juvenile center, Spike and Angel are the two bad bad boys in her care. Temptation is the name of the game in this one guys and damn is it YUMMY. Who wouldn't want these two luscious men in their bed? Hell who wouldn't want to watch them in their bed? *raises hand* i do i do....and Willow thrown into the mix? Well that's just an added bonus. I love how Feen writes Willow, she's not a pushover, she's strong and sexy and vibrant and smart, and her boys are baddddddddd but with that something special that makes you just want to hug them, and molest them all at the same time. *grins* yeah so this one? Tasty...and the ending....well it's a surprise but you'll definately like this one!!! (done)

Belly Up to the Bar by Shanna - This fic is long, it's sadly unfinished (i'm hoping not forever but who can tell?) but there are 48 chapters of nummy goodness so you'll get your fill trust me. In this one Willow is smacked down by the demon of perpetual blood making, unfortunately it's her blood that keeps getting made, and if it's not drained off on a regular basis, KA-BLOOEY...yeah ewwww. BUT our favorite duo of Spike and Angel make it decidedly LESS eww and more ooooo. There's angst, laughter, snark, sex a plenty, love, tenderness, and well just everything you need to make a fun and satisfying read that will have you poking shanna for MORE dammit!!! *grins* enjoy. It's a good un!!! (work in progress)

We're not actually the characters - we just play them: random smut and stuff

Professor Fine and a Rock
yes you read that right ;)

Rock's Excellent Adventure by nyghtpet Um....it's porn..from a rocks point of view. Just go read it's really, oddly hot and funny and just a wee bit sad. *pets poor rock* (done)

Spike and a Wall
yep another one *grins* (other character kindaish)

Glorious by eyezrthewindows - It's Spike. He's horny. He's a vamp. He's never used a Glory Hole before. So what's a bored, horny, vamp to do? Go find one of course. *grins* This one melted my panties. (or it woulda if i'd been wearing them...*giggles* ) Spike is uber HOT in this one in his seasony 2/3 best snark, I'm the devils gift to everyone, swaggering sex bombiness. I know you'll love this one, and if you don't? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???

Spike and His First Time

The First Time by vamptastica - Ok SO don't pimp myself cause you all know I have the confidence in myself of a gnat but I really liked this one and it fit the category. I hope you like it too. I won't say the pairing cause that's part of the fun but it's NC17 so enjoy!
15th-Dec-2006 06:35 am (UTC)
*sniffles* Awww honey! *clings and squeezes*
I'm seriously thrilled to be on the list. This is just so cool! *bounces*
Awesome idea for your posting day. Love you hun! *hugs hard*
15th-Dec-2006 06:58 am (UTC)
*blushes* I'm glad you like my hot prony-ness so much, LOL. Thank you for rec'ing the shit out of me *g*
15th-Dec-2006 07:03 am (UTC)
Great rec list, hon! Great to see so many terrific authors on there!!!!

BTW, Belly Up to the Bar is complete...where did you read it with the last chapter missing?

15th-Dec-2006 07:16 am (UTC)
Here's a link to the complete Belly Up to the Bar:

15th-Dec-2006 08:59 am (UTC)
not only did you pimp me *snuggles*
but you have given me so much fic I had not found yet!
I am going to be reading all weekend
*snuggles you*
15th-Dec-2006 02:34 pm (UTC)
these are great recs! I love the summaries. and thanks for the pimps babe *smooches*
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